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Redemption / refund policy

The policy is used with the products that distributed by Song Han.

1. The company will change products for customers with the cases:

  • The product was delivered incorrectly in quantity, information and design compared to the order.
  • The product was damaged by the manufacturer's fault (technical failure) or during shipping (deformed, broken, etc.). Customers need to check the product before receiving the goods from the carrier, if the product is deformed, broken by shipping, the customer refuses to receive the goods and immediately call the company to confirm the 3-party information.
  • Customers need to inform us the problem as soon as receiveing the goods & checking.

2. The requirements with the goods that need to change

  • The products are intact & enough label.
  • Products / services even with full accessories (instructions manual, warranty form ...).
  • Products are not dirty, inscratched (except the cause by transporting).

3. The company will refund the money if can’t provide replace products.