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Warranty & maintenance policy

Warranty policy is used with the products that distributed by Song Han. Details information can be changed, supplemented specifically on the sales contract.

1. Warranty time:

Diesel engines, Electric Motors, Generator Alternators: warranty time 12 months.

2. Warranty form:

Warranty under contract terms.

3. Warranty conditions

+ The products are intact and not disassemble.

+ Products are in warranty period and meet fully warranty conditions.

+ The warranty center will receive to repair and guarantee for products if the damage is determined by the manufacturer's technical problems.

4. The cases not guarantee

+ Natural erosion spare parts: oil filter, fuel filter, spark plug, brush, bolt …

+ Use the machine not according to the manufacturer's instruction manual.

+ The damage was caused by transportation, natural disasters, fires and other objective reasons.

+ Use poor quality fuel.

+ Replace spare parts that are not quality and not supplied by the company.

+ Disassemble or replace improperly affecting to the operability of the product.

Please contact our technical support hotline: (+84) (0)971 24 24 42